deCordova Star Magnolia

Not a day goes by that Director of Buildings and Grounds at deCordova Museum Doug Holston doesn’t think of his father. And it is not because he makes daily visits to the Star Magnolia that Linda Hammett Ory, president of the Board of Trustees, planted in honor of Chester B. Holston, who passed away in 2016 at 83 years of age.

“What I liked most about my father was his support and guidance,” reminisces Doug. β€œHe was always there to help anyone in need.”

Doug remembers that in the 90’s, his father was friends with the Facilities Manager at deCordova. That is how Doug was interviewed and started his career at the museum in 1991, as Buildings and Grounds Assistant.

Mr. Holston had a strong bond with the town of Lincoln. He worked for 36 years as an auto mechanic for Knowles H B Oil Co., once located at 110 Concord Road. He also had a second job as grounds keeper at the estate of his boss, John Knowles, who was born and raised in Lincoln.

They both loved helping the homeless, and grew vegetables together on Knowles’ 10-acre property in Groton. Mr. Holston delivered them to Pine Street Inn in Boston every month in a pickup truck.

“My dad loved that vegetable garden,” says Doug. “It was his medicine.”