Lindentree Farm European Beech

In the early 70’s, two Eastern White Pines that dotted the fields of Arena Farms (now Lindentree Farm) were struck by lightning and died. Lincolnites Kemon and Rhoda Taschioglou founded the Old Concord Road Tree Association to raise funds for the planting of a new tree. Neighbors who loved these fields joined the cause and chipped in. Russell Barnes, manager of the Lincoln Conservation Commission properties, suggested a Beech tree, as it would be beautiful, shaped in a way that children could climb it, and sturdy enough to withstand the hardship of being alone in the fields. The tree was purchased and planted, and at Christmas time the Association gathered to celebrate the tree, singing “Oh Little Tree” to the tune of “O Tannenbaum.” A local girl played the flute, making the occasion extra special.

This was the only project the Association ever sponsored. The bank account was closed, books finalized. But the fruits of that one project still stand. The Taschioglous and many other former members of the Old Concord Road Association walked with their children on these trails for decades, passing by the Beech tree. They raised their families in the area and enjoyed the breathtaking views of this lonely tree. On Independence Day 1998, the Taschioglous’ son Peter proposed to his girlfriend under the Beech, and later got married to her. To this family, this tree is a dear friend to visit and enjoy during their daily walks.