Station Park

An empty lot in 1905, this area was once occupied by a Girl Scout building funded by Helen Storrow that later became a restaurant, gift shop, hardware store, and then a rutted parking lot for the nearby community store and train. Station Park was created in 1970 by a group of Lincolnites and local organizations. The Lincoln Garden Club has maintained it since 1972, thanks to its volunteers, who plan, prune, dig, rake, mulch and water regularly. The Lincoln Department of Public Works, local schools, businesses and other organizations often help the Garden Club with Station Park projects, making it a center of generosity, camaraderie and, of course, delicate beauty.

The gardens are mostly plants donated by the volunteers to honor loved ones or simply beautify their Town. The Club is now focusing on introducing native plants and trees to protect and feed wildlife and pollinators, helping the local habitat. In 2015, a native garden bed was installed, and in 2016 native trees and shrubs were planted. Savor the serenity of the wooden arbor and rustic fences. Enjoy the Peace Pole installed in 1984, and be sure to take a sip at our water fountain.