Thank you

Thank you to the organizations, businesses and friends who so generously helped the Lincoln Garden Club make the Tree Tour Booklet 2017 and this website happen. A special thank you to the staff and volunteers who manage the areas in Lincoln featured on the Tree Tour 2017, and a special thank you to our advertisers and sponsors, who contributed to this project to support Lincoln trees.


Barrett Tree Service East

Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro

The Lincoln Conservation Commission

The Lincoln Historical Society

The Lincoln Land Conservation Trust

Lincoln Public Library

Lincoln Town Archives

Old Town Hall Corporation

Pierce House Property Committee

Urban Forestry Associates

Weston Landscape & Tree Co.


Ken Bassett, Nancy Beach, Buzz Constable, Robert DeNormandie, Moira Donnell, Tom Gumbart, Ari Kurtz, Marilyn Leviss, Barbara Myles, Alaric Naiman, Stacy Osur, Richard Silver, Kemon Taschioglou, Robert Todd, Marie Wasnock, Alice Waugh


Thank you for expert advice from:

Keith E. Bernard, International Society of Arboriculture ISA- & Massachusetts Arborists Association MAA-certified Arborist

Erika von Sohsten de Souza Medeiros, biologist with a masters in Botany, certified in Brazil

Raymond F. Moritz, Society of American Foresters SAF-certified arborist and ISA-qualified tree risk assessor